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Adaptive Computing Tutorials and Documents

My Favorite Free Adaptive Software Programs

MRC: Adaptive Computing Presentations

Apple and Mac Information and Tutorials

Apple and Mac Products

Information on Apple and Mac hardware and software is available in the following areas:

Online Mac and Apple Resources

Online links to information regarding Apple and Mac topics include The Apple Website, Apple Accessibility by Product, Websites about Accessibility and Software for Apple/Mac, and Third Party Mac AT Software Vendors

Free Mac Adaptive Software

This page has links to freeware software offerings that are designed as adpative software for persons with disabilities or that have functions that enable them to be used as assistive programs. All downloads are freeware or open source.

Adaptive Computing Lab Tutorials for Mac Products

Topics covered include Using Abbreviation Expansion for the Mac OS X, Abbreviation expansion in Word for Mac, Mac Accessibility Settings, How to program the Expert Mouse on the Mac, information on Third Party AT software, the Safari browser, Onscreen Keyboard, and more...