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If the variety of Assistive Technology fields seems vast, wait until you see the incredibly broad range of companies that sell products that fall under the AT umbrella. Every attempt has been made to find the majority of companies that manufacture or sell AT products. You will certainly find broken links or you may know of products and vendors that did not make these lists. Please contact site if you have comments or additions. The Vendor's list of links has been broken down into the following categories. Clicking on these categories will take you to another page on this site with links that fall into that category. Many vendors are hard to "pigeon-hole" and many vendors will fall under a number of the different categories.

This category includes vendors of all types of adaptive hardware and software, switches, all categories of alternative, adaptive and custom input and output devices, ergonomic options, and mounting or support devices for computers.

This category includes vendors of all types of AAC: hardware and software, high-tech and low-tech, for children or adults. In addition, other AT devices that would be used with AAC: switches, ECUs, ergonomic options, mounts or support devices for AAC.

These links include manufacturors and vendors of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, sports chairs, cushions, power seating systems, electronic control systems, wheels, and wheelchair accessories.l