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Visual Enhancements:

VoiceOver, Zoom screen magnification, cursor magnification, display contrast effects, Safari Reader, Safari CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), multiple Finder views, View Options, Dock magnification, Talking Alerts, Talking Clock, Text to Speech

Hearing Enhancements:

Closed Captioning, iChat, QuickTime recording, Screen Flash, and mono audio.

Physical and Motor Skills Assists:

Slow Keys, Sticky Keys, Alternative Keyboard Layouts, Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Keys, Adjustable Mouse and Trackpad Sensitivity, Assignable Mouse Buttons, Multi-Touch Trackpad Gestures, Full Keyboard Navigation, Adjustable Key Repeat and Delay, Assignable Modifier Keys, Inkwell Handwriting Recognition, Onscreen Keyboard, Character Viewer, Automator, and Speech Recognition commands are available in certain menus.

Literacy and Learning:

Simplified Finder, Spotlight, Assignable Window Background, Dictionary, Thesaurus, automatic word completion, word correction, predictive text entry, Text to Speech, Text to spoken track in iTunes, Calculator for Math and Conversion, Grapher, iChat, and Video Recording. More information is available at...

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