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InvoTek, Inc.

price to be announced

due for release in fall 2007


AccuPoint head tracker is the first head tracking technology that actually knows where your head is pointing and keeps the computer cursor aligned with your head. We call this "absolute" head tracking. No more bouncing the cursor off of the side of the display to realign it to your head! If you look off of the computer screen and then return, the cursor is still perfectly aligned. If you leave the computer and return minutes later the cursor is still perfectly aligned with your head!

InvoTek designed AccuPoint with the needs of people with disabilities in mind. It automatically recognizes tremor movements and ignores them. The amount of head movement required for moving the cursor across the entire computer display is adjustable from lots of movement to very tiny movement. And InvoTek is working with leading assistive technology manufacturers to ensure that AccuPoint works seamlessly with augmentative communication systems.

AccuPoint comes with an easy-to-use integrated on-screen keyboard. It also works with other onscreen keyboards like Click-n-Type. It has two programmable switch ports for inputting left and right mouse clicks via your favorite switch type (such as a sip-and-puff pneumatic switch), or you can use your favorite dwell clicking software. The user wears a small cluster of dots that AccuPoint uses to determine head position. While we anticipate that most people will use the AccuPoint system for head tracking, we can track anything that the cluster is attached to.




BIGtrack Non-Switch Adapted $79.00
BIGtrack Switch Adapted $99.00

The BIGtrack has a 3 inch trackball which makes it the largest trackball available. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks. The BIGtrack also allows for 2nd Mouse Connection both the BIGtrack and a second mouse can be connected allowing simultaneous participation. The bright large 3" trackball helps to make mouse movements easy and accurate. While the oversized buttons make mouse clicks simple for those with poor motor control. For even more access the BIGtrack is available in a switch adapted version. The switch adapted BIGtrack comes with two standard 1/8" plugs for two switches. Its left and right mouse clicks have been adapted so that you can use a switch for activation. (Switches sold separately) The BIGtrack is easy to install and works on any Windows or Macintosh computer that has a USB or PS/2 port. Just plug and play.



CameraMouse, Inc.

CameraMouse With Camera $795.00
CameraMouse Without Camera $695.00

CameraMouse is breakthrough software for hands free computer control. Using a standard USB camera, users can precisely control cursor movement and actions with simple head or finger movements. CameraMouse is software for hands-free control of a computer using a video camera to track body movements, (head, for example), and convert those movements into cursor movements on a computer screen. An innovative built-in toolbar allows the user to emulate all mouse clicks and control tracking options for all user levels.CameraMouse is totally non-intrusive and works with all standard software. No wires, dots, infrared beams, or other head apparatuses needed for activation.

camera mouse

Cruise Cat


Launch your web browser, open e-mail, and pop up multimedia controls with just the touch of a finger! Kinesis' new ultra-thin Cruise Cat touchpad provides instant access to all three commands right on the pad's surface. With one-touch "hot buttons" at your fingertip, you can quickly automate default web functions or your own custom shortcuts without searching the hard drive for applications or file names. Cruise Cat measures 4" x 4" x .0375". Featuring two buttons and vertical and horizontal scroll.

cruise cat

Cyberlink Interface


The Cyberlink Interface enables hands-free control of computers and electrical devices.

Brain and body signals detected by the sensors in the headband are amplified, digitized and transmitted to the computer as multiple Brainfingers to affect feedback displays, control a mouse or an interactive video game, navigate a business application, use a web browser, control almost any Windows application, play musical synthesizers, activate peripheral devices, adjust environmental controls, etc. 

Cyberlink Interface is based on a breakthrough technology that senses and responds to the minute surface electrical signals that result from brain and subtle muscle activity. Twelve different biological signals derived from the forehead control the location and left/right functions of the mouse. Individual control formats and adjustments are easily made through the user-friendly graphical interface. 


Darci Too

WesTest Engineering Corporation

The Universal Alternate Input Device -product which can be used with Apple, Macintosh and IBM compatible personal computers. One product which can be controlled by joysticks, switches, matrix keyboards, or communication aids. One product which supplies Morse Code, Scan, Matrix Keyboard, Darci Code and Communication Aid access to all computer functions. DARCI TOO represents a new approach to providing computer access for people with physical disabilities. Rather then being targeted for a specific group of people, DARCI TOO has been designed to meet the needs of people with a wide range of disabilities. This has been done by providing the unit with five different operating modes, user adjustable timing, automatic setup routines, a user programmed vocabulary, and the ability to control a computer from a variety of input devices. Rather than being targeted for a specific computer or group of computers, DARCI TOO has been designed to control all of the most popular brands of personal computers.

dadrci too

Darci USB

WesTest Engineering Corporation

The Darci USB is a Morse code based computer access device. No Software Required! The Darci USB uses the keyboard drivers built into the Windows operating systems (Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP). Software problems have been eliminated True Plug and Play - Portable - The Darci USB weighs only a few ounces and is packaged in a case that measures 5" X 5 1/2".
No External Power - The Darci USB is powered by the Computer's USB port

Audio Feedback- A miniature speaker has been built into the device

Built in Status Indicators
User Adjustable Features - The Darci USB can be customized to match the user's capabilities. Timing, number of input switches (1, 2 or 3), switch connections and code set are stored in the device's memory. This allows you to take the Darci USB from computer to computer without changing your setup.

darci usb


Interlink Electronics

DeskStick™ by Interlink delivers smooth 360 degree cursor control with just the touch of a fingertip. To accelerate, increase finger pressure. To decelerate, decrease pressure. Its stationary, low-profile design requires no stressful hand motions or awkward wrist angles. DeskStick also frees-up valuable desk space, by eliminating the need for a mousepad.




Madentec's Discover:Switch does everything a regular keyboard and mouse can do. It puts keyboard and mouse layouts on the screen; the keys scan and you press Discover:Switch to select keys. Discover:Switch also takes advantage of speech technology so those who are non-speaking have a communication tool as well as a productivity tool. Discover:Switch has an alternative switch jack if a different type of switch is needed.

discover switch

3M Ergonomic Mouse


3M's Ergonomic Mouse is an optical mouse that looks like a joystick yet it functions like a mouse. You rest the back of your hand at the base of the mouse and your thumb on the switch at the top of the stick for easy right and left clicks. A third button is located on the handle and can be used as an auto scroll button in Windows or as a standard third programmable button. Ergonomic Mouse requires only slight flexing of your wrist and slight pronation of your hand, which results in low pressure in the carpal tunnel. The Ergonomic Mouse is available in two sizes: Standard, palm widths less than 3.5" and Large, palm widths 3.5" or greater.

ergonomic mouse

Easy Cat


Cirque Easy Cat for PC
Why push a mouse around when you can just point? Cirque's patented GlidePoint technology makes it easier than ever to control your PC. Simply glide your finger over Easy Cat's surface and gently tap on the pad or click on the buttons to perform all mouse functions.

• Right tap zone - Secondary mouse clicks provide quick access to submenus.
• Left tap zone - Primary mouse clicks can be activated by tapping anywhere outside the right tap zone on the touchpad surface.
• Drag, draw, highlight - Just double-tap and glide your finger on the pad, or hold the left "click" button as your finger moves.
• GlideExtend - Hold your place on-screen when your finger senses a change of texture on the touchpad's surface-- no more running off the mouse pad!

Evolution Mouse

ITAC Systems

ITAC's Evolution Mouse Trak™ is a six-button programmable trackball designed to eliminate complex motions required by a mouse. The hand support is curved and elevated to fit your palm and reduce wrist fatigue. The keys are positioned to fall under the thumb and fingers more easily, reducing movement. Additionally, the keys move inward when pressed providing a smaller, less tiring motion. The six buttons can be programmed for functions such as click, drag lock, double click and speed control. Unlike other pointing devices, the Evolution Mouse Trak requires no software for programming.

evolution mouse

Eyegaze Communication System

LC Technologies, Inc.

The Eyegaze Communication System is an FDA- approved communication and control system for people with complex physical disabilities. The system is operated entirely with the eyes. By looking at control keys displayed on a screen, a person can synthesize speech, control his environment (lights, call bells, etc.), type, run computer software, operate a computer mouse, and access the Internet and e-mail.

Expert Mouse Pro


Corded $69


Kensington's Expert Mouse Pro offers more single-click options than any other trackball. It has four programmable mouse buttons to handle repetitive mouse tasks such as double click or drag lock with a single click. Scroll ring makes scrolling through long documents a much faster task.

Felix MicroPoint


MicroPoint functions like a mouse, but it takes up less space than a mouse pad. Move the cursor simply by moving the three-button handle one inch in any direction. The handle lets you perform left, right and double clicks or drag lock.

Fingertip Mouse


Fingertip Mouse by IBS Electronics functions like a mouse, but it takes up less space than a mouse pad. Move the cursor simply by moving the three-button mouse one inch in any direction. It lets you perform left, right and double clicks or drag lock. Fingertip Mouse is great for users with limited mobility in their hands or visual impairments.

fingerpoint mouse

Footime Switch


Ergonomically designed, Footime™ foot mouse and programmable pedal can help people with hand, arm or shoulder stress/injury by allowing them to do all PC entries (typing and surfing) by foot. It's a two-part input device: one for cursor control ("slipper"), the other for mouse clicks and shortcuts (the pedal). The slipper-shaped cursor controller is intuitively easy to use and efficient (in the same way as moving a regular mouse by hand, no awkward ankle twisting). With elastic strap and Velcro ends, the "slipper" can fit any sizes of foot. The pedal with two-level design prevent user from stepping on the wrong buttons. These buttons not only mimic all hand mouse clicks, but also allow people to program their own customized shortcuts.

footime mouse

Goldtouch Mouse


Goldtouch Mouse is an optical mouse that fits the natural resting position of your hand, allowing more support for your hand and wrist, while decreasing pronation. Goldtouch Mouse allows your ring finger to rest in an aligned and very comfortable posture, gently curving to the right side. This design feature makes it easier to grip and release, allowing for greater relation and improved control. The Goldtouch Mouse includes a software driver, which has scrolling, panning and zooming capabilities as well as other programmable features that enhance its ergonomic value.

goldtouch mouse

Gus! Deluxe Mouse

Gus Communications

USB type with Scroll wheel and 2 switch interface for switch/scanning users.  Its a Windows compatible mouse and a PC switch interface (1 or 2 switches) in a single unit!   Does both jobs at the same time! No need to buy an expensive "switch interface box".


Pro $99
Presenter $189

GyroMouse by Gyration is a wireless mouse. Move it around on the desktop as a wireless mouse or with a simple, natural wrist movement in the air, you can glide the cursor effortlessly across the screen. The GyroMouse uses multi-channel radio frequency, which eliminates the need to point directly at the screen or line it up with the receiver. GyroMouse is available in two versions: GyroMouse Pro and GyroMouse Presenter. GyroMouse Pro is the standard model. It can be used up to 40 feet away. GyroMouse Presenter can be used up to 100 feet away and comes with GyroTools presentation software. Gyrotools has over 75 special effect presentation, multimedia and Internet tools.


HeadMaster Plus
by Prentke Romich


Prentke Romich's HeadMaster Plus™ is a head pointing system that takes the place of a mouse. Just move your head and the cursor moves on the screen. Puff on the tube to make selections. Mouse clicks can also be made by activating an external switch (sold separately) or by dwelling with a dwell software program (sold separately). It is the only head pointing system that tracks both lateral and rotational movement. Also available for HeadMaster is an optional Remote Adapter providing for wireless infrared use and an optional Laptop Adapter.

headmaster plus

HeadMouse Extreme

Origin Instuments

The HeadMouse® sensor replaces the standard desktop computer mouse for people who cannot use their hands. The HeadMouse is a device that translates the movements of a user's head into directly proportional movements of the computer mouse pointer. The HeadMouse is a wireless optical sensor which tracks a tiny and disposable target that is placed on the user's forehead or glasses. When this capability is combined with an on-screen keyboard, such as SofType, or KeyStrokes the HeadMouse can completely replace the functions of a conventional keyboard. On-screen keyboards provide an image of the keys on the computer display, with key selection made by positioning the mouse pointer over a key. The actual key press is implemented by dwelling over that key for a set period of time or by using an adaptive switch. A Remote Switch Transmitter is available for wireless transfer of adaptive switch inputs from a wheelchair to a desktop computer.The HeadMouse will track the user's head with the user located in any comfortable viewing position relative to the computer display. Resolution of the HeadMouse is sufficient to allow a user to control the mouse pointer down to the minimum resolution of the computer display, the picture element (pixel). This precision allows a user to perform tasks such as drawing or Computer Aided Design (CAD). When the HeadMouse is used with an on-screen keyboard, all the standard personal computer applications are available to the user who has a disability.

headmouse extreme

Hands Free Touchpad


handsfreetouchpad .com/


The Hands Free Touchpad allows movement across the surface of the Ergonomic Touchpad to perfrorm computer mouse functions.

Control your mouse cursor, left and right click, and scroll. An economical alternative for people who are unable to use their hands. Just plug it in and start using it, works on all computers, simple to use and takes no special training, comes with everything included, Extra large touchpad, flexible clamp-able arm, and swivel end for fine adjusts.

Integra Mouse

Tash Incorporated
With mount: $250

#25100 Integra Mouse
#25150 Integra Mouse with Mount

The Integra Mouse enables the user to activate ALL Mouse Functions.

* NO drivers or additional software required.
* ONLY 10 grams of lip pressure required for mouse control.
* Left or right mouse clicks are triggered by variations of air pressure in the oral cavity and in the mouth piece. Slight sipping or puffing is sufficient.
* All mouse functions: Left Click, Right Click, Double Click, Drag and Drop.

integra mouse

Jouse 2


The Jouse2 is an advanced joystick-operated USB mouse that is controlled with your mouth. Just move the precision joystick with your mouth, cheek, chin or tongue to shift the mouse cursor wherever you want. The further you move the joystick, the faster the cursor travels. You can perform right-click, left-click and double-click actions with the sip and puff switches built into the Jouse2 moves the cursor.

Mouse button activations can be made with the sip and puff switches built into the Jouse2. Typing and other keyboard functions can be achieved through an on-screen keyboard.

jouse 2

Kiddy Mouse


Kiddy™ Mouse is specially designed to fit children's hands and those with small hands. It is specially curved for comfort. The buttons have soft switches that are easy to click. It has a unique intelligent third button that gives you time saving functions, such as "one touch double click" and "Easy Scroll".

kiddy mouse

Lazee Mouse Pro


This adaptive mouse is a hands-free mouse design offering the same functionality that a standard mouse provides. Left click, right clicks, and drag are performed via a microphone input.


Magic Touch by Keytec

From $199-$319

Magic Touch® by Keytec is a glass touch screen. It easily attaches to your monitor, and transforms it into a touch interactive device. Magic Touch emulates a mouse, so you can control all mouse driven software with the touch of a finger or stylus. To move the cursor, simply touch the desired position on the Magic Touch. If you want to double click, touch twice at the same point. To select an icon, touch and release. To pull down a menu, touch, drag and release. Magic Touch and a pointing device can be used simultaneously. Included with Magic Touch is a soft tip stylus. The sizes listed below are the maximum size monitor that the Magic Touch will fit.

magic touch

Mini Joystick

Tash Incorporated



Four switches are activated by moving the joystick in four directions; the fifth is activated by pressing down on the joystick shaft. Two tips are included: one is flexible rubber and can be cut to desired size, and the other is hard plastic. Tactile and auditory feedback. With DB-9 cable the switch must be attached to a controller like the MouseMover. With the USB cable the unit plugs straight into the computer.

Mini Trackball


This Mini Trackball by IBS Electronics is a compact hand held trackball measuring 1" x 2". It offers off-table use for comfortable operation from a distance of up to 6' from the computer. Mini Trackball has three buttons: a trigger button for left clicks and the two top buttons handle right click and scroll. You thumb controls the trackball and can be used left or right handed

mini trackball

Mouse Button Box

R J Cooper


Mouse Button-Box has four navigational buttons. Mouse click buttons are available in one or two button configurations with the click buttons on the right or on the left.

It's USB so it works on both Mac and Windows (requires accompanying software for both). Very adjustable speeds and functions, even a dwell-click (Windows).


Mouse Interface 5

Tash Incorporated


Allows any five individual single switches to become the mouse keys giving four directions and click for mouse or cursor control of commercial or AT software.
* 5 mono jacks for 5 single switches
* USB interface built-in
* No software drivers required
* Small size and inexpensive option for mouse control
Size 4.25 x 2.25 x 1 in 11 x 5.5 x 2 cm
Switches or wheelchair connecting cable not included.
mouse interface 5


Tash Incorporated

The MouseMover allows you to control all mouse functions on both PC and Macintosh computers using a combination of five single switches or a multiple switch. The single switches plug into five .125" jacks on the MouseMover, which plugs directly into the computer. A multiple switch plugs into the 9 pin jack on the MouseMover. Pressing on a switch delivers a specific mouse function — click, double click, press and hold, release, and all mouse directional movements. (Switches sold separately.)

mouse mover




Orbit Trackball


* Scroll ring allows fast, easy scrolling of web pages and documents
* Ambidextrous design for left or right handed users
* Click-free scrolling
* USB connectivity
* PC and Mac® compatible

Palm Mouse


Palm Mouse by Fujitsu emulates a two-button mouse. Its unique motion dome button provides 10 degrees of movement in every direction and responds to a feather light touch. The more pressure you apply the faster the cursor moves. The Palm Mouse is ergonomically designed and virtually weightless.

palm mouse

Perfit Mouse

Contour Design

Contour Design's Perfit Mouse is a three-button programmable mouse designed to fit the hand so precisely multiple sizes are necessary to maximize the total impact of its ergonomic design. It has sculpted elevated buttons that enable your hand to remain open with the fingers extended in a ready position for quick button activation, while also reducing excessive load on your fingertips. The thumb is supported giving you added support, control and comfort. The wrist support is elevated reducing the pressure on your wrist by keeping it off the desktop and maintaining a straighter wrist alignment, minimizing Lateral Deviation.

perfit mouse

QPointer Handsfree


Commodio's QPointer Handsfree provides complete and intuitive computer control by voice. Unlike other existing voice products, QPointer Handsfree allows operation of any application and complete control over Windows. You can dictate directly into any application, write and send email, surf the web and emulate all mouse functions. Also included is QPointer Keyboard allowing complete mouse control with your keyboard.

q pointer

QPointer Keyboarder


Commodio's QPointer Keyboard allows you to operate the whole computer without taking your hands off the keyboard. It turns your keyboard into a direct pointing device and enables mouseless navigation without remembering long lists of keyboard shortcuts.

q pointer keyboard

QPointer Premium



QPointer Premium is the "high-end" of QPointer line of products. In addition to all functionality of QPointer HandsFree, it has rich capabilities of customization for users' commands and vocabulary. These capabilities allow users to fully automate computer control by voice.

QPointer Premium features include:

- Complete command & control of any Windows® application;
- Dictation into all Windows® applications;
- Direct pointing at any object on a computer screen by voice;
- Full mouse and keyboard emulation;
- Pointing at images and playing games by voice;
- Automatic accuracy enhancement;
- Noise detection and filtering;
- Full support of MS Accessibility features and AT vendors;
- Customized vocabulary from users’ documents and contacts;
- Export/Import of users’ voice profiles;

QPointer Premium allows to create, edit and use the following types of customized macro-commands:

- Text shortcuts
- Keystrokes shortcuts
- Run application
- Open file
- Mouse and keyboard events recorder
- Step-by-step scripting

q pointer premium



QuadJoy™ is a mouth operated joystick. The joystick is controlled with your mouth or chin. The farther you move the joystick, the faster the cursor moves. Mouse button activation can be made with the built in sip and puff switch, a switch with the external switch jack (sold separately) or manually with the actual mouse buttons for able body assistants. Switch users can use Quadjoy with External Switch Jack for mouse button activation. QuadJoy can be mounted to most flat surfaces and is assembled to mount on the right hand side of the user.

quad joy

QuadMouse v2

Braoadened Horizons

Click, double-click, & right-click the mouse with the built in secondary joystick plus built-in speed adjustability for all skill levels. Type with included on-screen keyboard and/or voice-recognition software. Price shown includes a mount.



QualiEYE cursor control software is an assistive technology breakthrough for people with disabilities who require a hands free mouse alternative. QualiEYE is very easy to use and simple to install. Just sit in front of the computer and move the cursor with body movements and give commands with gestures.

QualiEYE converts head or finger movements into on-screen cursor movements in real time by processing the images from a standard USB camera.

QualiEYE provides a very precise hands free cursor control and does not require the user to attach any sticker or other devices to the body. QualiEYE also manages all the mouse functions and much more.


Quick Glance 2

Eye Tech Digital SystemsQuick Glance 2

Laptop $8500
Quick Glance 2 $5980

Quick Glance 2 is a mouse replacement device designed for Microsoft Windows 98/XP. It allows the user to place the mouse pointer anywhere on the screen simply by looking at the desired location. "Clicking" can be done with an eye blink, a hardware switch, or by staring (dwell). Combining Quick Glance with an on-screen keyboard gives the user the ability to communicate with text or speech output. Various options for emulating mouse functions give the user complete accessibility to all Windows features including right clicking, dragging, and double clicking!The software is designed to run in the background while the user is working with standard Windows applications. Quick Glance has been used for writing, surfing the Web, computer-aided design, games, and much more.Typical users are persons with disabilities: ALS, MS, CP, SCI, RSI... Anyone who cannot use a standard mouse.Quick Glance 2 allows for a much greater range of head motion than Quick Glance 1, however, some head stability is still required.

quick glance 2

RemotePoint RF Combo

InterLink Electronics

The RemotePoint RF Combo includes Interlink Electronic's RemotePoint RF, an award-winning PC remote control that adds cordless freedom and impact to any presentation. RemotePoint RF features dedicated slide FOWARD and BACK keys, and intergrated laser pointer, 360° variable speed "mouse" cursor control, RIGHT, and LEFT "mouse" click buttons, 4 user-assignable keys and a small arsenal of presentation software tools. RF Wireless Keyboard and Remote Control (PC & Mac systems with USB port). No drivers required. Included presentation software is supported on PC only.


Roller II Joystick


Penny and Giles' Roller II line are sturdy three button switch adaptable pointing devices. They come in either a large 2.5" trackball or a 3" joystick. They have seperate buttons for left click, right click and drag lock with color corresponding switch ports on the back of the units. A flashing light indicates the drag button has been activated. The Rollor II products include a keyguard to help users isolate on the buttons. The Joystick comes with two alternative handles to accommodate different input needs, T-Bar and Soft Sponge Ball.

roller 2 joystick

Roller II Trackball


Penny and Giles' Roller II line are sturdy three button switch adaptable pointing devices. They come in either a large 2.5" trackball or a 3" joystick. They have seperate buttons for left click, right click and drag lock with color corresponding switch ports on the back of the units. A flashing light indicates the drag button has been activated. The Rollor II products include a keyguard to help users isolate on the buttons. The Joystick comes with two alternative handles to accommodate different input needs, T-Bar and Soft Sponge Ball.

roller 2 trackball

Roller Plus Joystick


Penny and Giles' Roller Plus line are the most adaptable mouse substitutes on the market. Available in a 2.5" trackball or a 3" joystick, they have six buttons that support left and right click, double click, drag lock, horizontal and vertical lock and cursor speed control. A flashing light indicates the drag button has been activated. The Roller Plus products include a keyguard to help users isolate on the buttons. The Joystick comes with two different input needs, T-Bar and Soft Sponge Ball. Switches can be easily connected to emulate the mouse buttons with the Roller Plus Switch Box, also included with purchase.

Roller Plus Trackball


Penny and Giles' Roller Plus line are the most adaptable mouse substitutes on the market. Available in a 2.5" trackball or a 3" joystick, they have six buttons that support left and right click, double click, drag lock, horizontal and vertical lock and cursor speed control. A flashing light indicates the drag button has been activated. The Rollor Plus products include a keyguard to help users isolate on the buttons. The Joystick comes with two different input needs, T-Bar and Soft Sponge Ball. Switches can be easily connected to emulate the mouse buttons with the Roller Plus Switch Box, also included with purchase.

roller + trackball

Smart Cat


Cirque Smart Cat sets a higher standard of performance and comfort with the new generation of GlidePoint® technology. Horizontal and vertical scroll commands are operable. Just glide your finger along the right and bottom edges of the touchpad to activate up/down and sideways scrolling. Scroll areas are labeled on the touchpad surface; feature requires installation of the Cirque driver. Magnification feature is operable. Glide your finger along the left edge of the touchpad to activate zoom in/out. Zoom area is not labeled on the touchpad surface; feature requires compatible applications and installation of the Cirque driver. Right "clicks" can be activated by tapping your finger in the upper right corner of the pad. The area is marked on the pad surface with a change of color and texture, and is a Microsoft® Plug-and-Play feature. Customizing the feature requires installation of the Cirque driver.
Edge extenders are activated when your finger reaches the pad's edge. The area is marked on the pad surface with a change of texture, and is a Plug-and-Play feature. Customizing GlideExtend requires installation of the Cirque driver.


Natural Point

Natural Point's Smart-Nav AT mouse alternative gives you hands free control of a computer cursor. With a reflective dot on your forehead, it provides precise cursor control through simple head movements. Mouse clicks can be accomplished through a built in dwell clicking program or external switches (sold separately). You can also control the cursor with an included ring, allowing you to perform all typical mouse functions by simply aiming your finger at any point on your screen and clicking with your user defined Hot Keys. Included with Smart-Nav AT is an on-screen keyboard for hands free keyboarding. The Smart-Nav AT is a USB device and requires no external power. Just connect Smart-Nav AT to your computer and you're ready to go

smart nav
Switch Adapted Mouse


Switch-Adapted optical mouse by Infogrip, Inc. is a standard mouse with two standard 1/8" plugs for two switches. Its left and right mouse clicks have been adapted so that you can use a switch for activation. (Switches sold separately.)

switchadapted mouse
SAM (Switch Adapted Mouse) Cordless

R J Cooper

SAM-Cordless Switch Interface provides a place to plug switches into a computer.  It has 3 switch inputs.  When you plug a switch into one of SAM-Cordless's 3 jacks, the switch(es) "become" standard mouse-clicks... left, middle, right; and with installation of the accompanying SwitchHopper software, you can configure each button to 'be' any mouse-button event or keystroke you'd like! SAM-Cordless Switch Interface does not interfere with the operation of other pointing devices, such as a mouse; your mouse retains all of its normal functions.  SAM-Cordless works in addition to your mouse, or you can replace your mouse with it (for PC's, a free USB-to-PS/2 adapter is available upon request after purchase).

switch adapted mouse

SAM (Switch Adapted Mouse) Joystick

R J Cooper

SAM as a joystick.

It also has a click, double click, and drag switch inputs. When you push the stick, the cursor does not go flying, no matter what the user does. It simply moves in that direction at a given speed, controllable by accompanying software.  And there are switch inputs to perform the button actions by switches.

switch adapted joystick

SAM (Switch Adapted Mouse) Trackball

R J Cooper

  • 1) Operates all special needs software that can be operated by a mouseclick or simple keystroke(s).
  • 2) Accesses all regular software, the switch-user does all the clicking of the mouse, through SAM, while you move it.
  • 3) Allows a person with gross-motor hand (or fine-motor head ) control to move the mouse, and do the clicking, double clicking, and click-lock (for drag) with other parts of their body.
    You simply plug SAM-Trackball where your current mouse is, and plug your switch(es) into SAM. A switch plugged into one of SAM's switch inputs acts as the corresponding button, function.
switch adapted trackball

Switch Click

Tash Incorporated

#25000 USB
Simply plug it in to any USB port on your computer and press Switch Click to simulate a left mouse click.The Switch Click also comes with an external switch jack to accommodate any of Tash's single switches, for duplicating the left mouse click.
USB Cable Included.
Switch Click Specifications
Diameter 4.5 in 11.5 cm
Height 2.5 in 6.3 cm
Weight 9 oz 200 g

switch click


R J Cooper


Pressing the button acts like a mouse-click within any software.

Switcheroo also provides a place to plug switches into a computer.  There are 3 switch inputs in Switcheroo. When you plug a switches into a Switcheroo jack, the switches "become" standard mouse-clicks.

Switcheroo does not interfere with the operation of other pointing devices, such as a mouse. It works in addtion to your mouse.





The TetraMouse is a dual joystick mouse designed to be operated with the lips by people with little head movement or with the tongue (special cup-shaped knobs available) for those with no head movement.

One joystick positions the mouse pointer and the other performs left, right, left click and hold, right click and hold and middle (scroll) button functions as well as selection of four adjustable pointer movement speeds and custom user programming of speeds and multiple speed configurations.

Price shown does not include a mount.

Tongue Touch Keypad


CP 100 Wireless
Computer Mouse


The newAbilities UCS 1000 with TongueTouch KeyPad is a modular environmental control unit (ECU) controlled by the touch of the tongue on any of 9 buttons located on a user interface similar to an ordinary orthodontic retainer.With various modules, the TTK can control EADLs, power wheelchairs, etc. in addtion to computer access.




ProEd's TouchWindow® is a multipurpose input device that performs as a touch screen, graphics tablet or keyboard substitute. With the touch of a finger you can make selections, move objects, pull down menus and draw graphics. TouchWindow has a Plexiglas screen that attaches easily to the computer monitor with self-adhesive strips. It can also be removed from the monitor and used as a single switch.

touch window

Trackbar Emotion

Euro Office

The development of Trackbar Emotion is an evolutionary step in safety-promoting computer products based on years of collective know-how and the latest scientific advances in ergonomics that was begun in Scandinavia several decades ago. The Centered Pointing Device method (CPD) is specifically intended to prevent and rehabilitate the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) resulting from computer mouse work. It was built on the principle that centering the pointing device between the user and the keyboard would keep the user’s hands and arms in a naturally centered position while working, thereby reducing strain.

Tracker One /
Tracker 2000

Tracker 2000 $1,795.00
Tracker One $995.00

Madentec's Tracker line are hands free mice. A tiny senser tracks a reflective dot placed on your forehead or glasses. When you move your head, the cursor in Regular Mouse Mode; the cursor follows the exact movement of your head. In Joystick Mode, move your head in any direction and hold it there. The cursor drifts in that direction until you turn back to center. Mouse clicks can be made by activating an external switch (sold seperately) or by dwelling with a dwell software program (sold seperately). Tracker 2000 comes with an AC adapter, a PS2 cable, a serial cable, a USB cable, adapter for external switch connection, mounting hook for laptops and 50 tracking dots. Tracker One gives you the freedom to be completely mobile without the need of battery packs or power adapters.

tracker one

TrackPad Pro Ergo-Ball

Comfort Keyboard

All the ergonomic benefits of a small form factor gel wrist pad, but with the added convenience and control of an embedded track ball. Whether or not you are actively typing, the gel pad will support your wrists and relieve pressure on the median nerve (the cause of pain in carpal tunnel and other RSI).

  • Ergonomically shaped gel wrist rests for tissue support
  • Convenient between the wrists trackball location
  • Opto-mechanical trackball technology for highly accurate pointing
  • Reliable micro-switches with tactile "click" sound and feel
trackpad pro

TrackMan Wheel


Take advantage of the superior precision and maintenance-free operation of optical technology. With a sleek design and intuitive placement of the ball, scroll wheel, and buttons, the TrackMan Wheel is perfect for long hours of use. It fits comfortably in your right hand and delivers smooth, ultra-precise tracking through Logitech's optical Marble® technology. And because it records motion optically instead of with mechanical parts, there's no need for regular cleaning. A comfortable, space-saving design for your right hand. Three customizable buttons and a scroll wheel. WebWheel™ software to enhance Internet browsing
Easy to install and set up.

trackman wheel

TrackMan WheelCordless


Get smooth, precise movement, cordless freedom, and maintenance-free operation in a trackball that fits comfortably in your hand. Here's a trackball that fits comfortably into your right hand, with its buttons and scroll wheel at your fingertips and a smooth trackball right underneath your thumb. It's cordless, so you can put it just about anywhere on your desk within six feet of the receiver. And it uses optical technology, not wheels or rollers, to deliver smooth tracking with virtually no cleaning or maintenance.

trackman cordless

USB Point It

Tash Incorporated

A USB Joystick that offers smooth proportional control of ALL mouse movements.
* Superior quality
* Rugged
* Left Click, Double Click, Right Click, Drag and Drop, Latching
* External switch jacks for those users who want a larger target area for the left and right click.
Always shipped with Type Matic, an On Screen Keyboard. XP compatible.
USB Point IT Specifications
Size 4 x 4.3 x 1.5 in
10.5 x 11 x 3.4 cm
Joystick Height 3 in
8 cm
Force to activate 9 oz
250 g

usb point it



The EvoluentTM VerticalMouseTM optical...

  • has an upright surface that supports the hand and forearm in a neutral, relaxed handshake position.
  • supports the fingers in extended positions to allow small movements to be made by moving the fingers, without moving the entire arm
  • supports the thumb for added comfort
  • remains steady when the user presses the buttons because the thumb naturally opposes the fingers with its own movement
  • has five programmable buttons to perform a variety of functions
vertical mouse

Whale Mouse


Whale® Mouse by Humanscale is designed with a low lateral profile, rests for your fingers and a raised palm rest to insure straight wrist posture. Steer the mouse, and the palm rest moves along with your hand, never placing pressure on the soft tissue of your wrist. Whale Mouse allows you to adjust its length up to 1.5" to create a custom fit between your hand and the mouse.

whale mouse

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