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Adaptive Software:
Abbreviation Expansion, Keystroke Reduction, Word Prediction

The major categories in this Switch Module are:

Abbreviation Expansion Software Repetitive typing can be expanded easily. "Boilerplate" sections can be inserted using certain keys.

Keystroke Reduction and Keyboard Assist Software These programs or Microsoft applets will provide aids to assist in keyboarding or reducing the number of keystrokes that you have to use.

Word Prediction Software After you enter a letter or letters, the software program provides you with a list of possible words. You may select the word without having to continue typing the word.

Abbreviation Expansion Software

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Abbreviate! is a handy utility program that runs in the background and monitors all keystrokes as you work in your Windows-based programs. When you type one of the abbreviations you created, Abbreviate! recognizes it and instantly replaces the abbreviation with the text you defined.

And unlike quick-correction features in some word processors, it works with virtually all your favorite software programs. All you have to do is place Abbreviate! in your Windows StartUp folder, and it remains active on your desktop - ready and waiting to expand all your abbreviations.

Abbreviation Expansion

in Word


free function in
Microsoft Word

highlight the desired expansion in the word document (example: type your full name and address and highlight it)

go to the Tools button on the Menu Bar and then hit AutoCorrect

when the AutoCorrect dialog opens look in the middle of the box to where it says Replace, the next field is With and it should already contain the text that you highligted

in the Replace box type your our example, use addr... NOT ADD...add is a word and we do not want to confuse Word

now every time you type addr and the spacebar your assigned expansion will place your entire address in the document


WiViK® ver 3

Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre


WiViK with WordQ includes abbreviation-expansion. Abbreviation-expansion is a technique in which a combination of letters, an “abbreviation,” is used to represent a word or phrase. When you type an abbreviation followed by the Spacebar or Enter key, it expands to the assigned word or phrase.

You can create your own set of abbreviations that are easy for you to use and remember. For example, you may use hyt as an abbreviation for How are you today?

You can create your own set of abbreviations that are easy for you to use and remember. There is no limit on the number of abbreviations that may be saved in one set. Because you must m
emorize each abbreviation, a small set of abbreviations is suggested. A sample abbreviation-expansion set is available for you to use to get started.


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Keystroke Reduction and Keyboard Assist Software

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free with
Internet Explorer

Use AutoComplete to save keystokes while filling in internet forms, to activate "AutoComplete go to:

Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options

-Content Tab

-Auto-Complete Button

In the AutoComplete Setting dialog box you should check the kinds of ways you wish to utilize AutoComplete.

You can also Clear your Forms and Passwords History here.

To finish, click on OK buttons or Apply and OK buttons at the bottom of each dialog box.





Accessibility Feature with Windows operating systems


eliminates repeated key types when the key is hit twice very rapidly:

To set FilterKeys:

Start > Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Click in the Use FilterKeys box > Click on the Settings Button

In the Settings for FilterKeys dialog box you can decide on keyboard shortcuts, set audible cues when keys are presses, etc.

If you click on the Settings Button you can set the repeat rate.

In the Advance Settings box you can slow down the repeat rate, the drop down arrows show the options.

You can also set the SlowKeys hold down interval.

To finish, click on OK buttons or Apply and OK buttons at the bottom of each dialog box.




Accessibility Feature with Windows operating systems

If user is unable to hold down two keys at once, StickyKeys will allow you to (press shift key , CTRL key, the Windows Logo key or ALT key once and they will remain on for following keystroke.

If you set the Keyboard shortcut for StickyKeys you will be able to disable or enable the StickyKeys feature by hitting the SHIFT key 5 times in succession.

If a non-disabled user types in a normal manner, StickyKeys will turn off when they press two keys at once.

To set StickyKeys:

Start > Control Panel > Accessibility Options >Click in the Use StickyKeys box > Click on the Settings Button

In the Settings for StickyKeys dialog box, make all the settings available that you wish and then hit the OK button.

To finish, click on OK buttons or Apply and OK buttons at the bottom of each dialog box.





Accessibility Feature with Windows operating systems


makes a sound when you hit the important function keys.

To set ToggleKeys:

Start > Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Click in the Use ToggleKeys box > Click on the Settings Button

The only setting for ToggleKeys is whether or not to use the shortcut.

To finish, click on OK buttons or Apply and OK buttons at the bottom of each dialog box.


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Word Prediction Software

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Gus! Word Prediction

Gus Communications


This utility aids individuals with limited keyboarding ability such as those who are slow typists, probe or pencil users, or one-finger typists, and can be used with standard application software.

Gus! Word Prediction places an "always on top" window on the computer screen. You can stretchor shrink the window to any size you want, and the font size adjusts

As you input each character, Gus! Word Prediction revises the displayed "word list". When you see the desired word, simply click the word or press the corresponding function key (F1 - F9) and Gus! Word Prediction will complete the word. Predicts current and next word based on the users frequency of use. Also includes abbreviation expansion ("gm" = "good morning")






Penfriend predicts words that you are most likely to type, using a variety of knowledge including English grammar, frequently used words and a learned knowledge of your personal writing style.

As you type, Penfriend displays a list of words beginning with the letters you have entered. It learns each user's vocabulary and style to improve its prediction. A single click on the word of your choice enters the whole word into your word processor.

You can use Penfriend's on-screen keyboard to type into your software, and its speech facility enables you to hear pieces of text from almost any application, by reading out the contents of the clipboard. You can also hear predicted words before you write, or letters, words and sentences as you write.

Penfriend's abbreviations facility enables you to make easy work of entering frequently used text, and can even help you correct common typing mistakes.

Penfriend also links seamlessly with Clicker for complete switch accessibility: it can send its predicted words directly into a Clicker Grid.

Premier Predictor Pro




Premier Predictor Pro P3 is a talking word prediction program that works with every program on your computer. If you type in it Predictor Pro will work with it. Predictor

Pro will display a word list next to your cursor as you are typing displaying the most probable word at the top of the list. Use your arrow keys to go up and down the list and when you hear the word you want just select it and that word will automatically be entered into your document. The built in word search lets you search for a word and it too will automatically insert it into your document.





ProtoType is a program designed to help you with your typing in two ways:

Writing support to improve spelling for people with dyslexia or spelling difficulties.

Fewer keystrokes lead to faster typing if you have a physical disability.

ProtoType generates lists of suggested words as you type. There are different lists including word completion, next word suggestions, word banks and spelling correction.

As you type, ProtoType can also highlight spelling errors, capitalise words, replace common spelling mistakes and expand abbreviations.


Technology and Integration


Skippy is a typing utility that will assist you in typing faster with less effort. It is the perfect typing aid for one handed typing and for people with a limited hand function. It is used in conjunction with KeyVit and DocReader by ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) users, people with dyslexia and anyone who is in need of assistive and adapted software to speed up typing. Skippy has been specifically designed with accesibility and ease of use in mind. As a typing assistant you can use Skippy in every Windows program including word processors, email and chat software, web browsers, databases and spread sheets.


Applied Human Factors


SoothSayer comes with a built-in Main Dictionary of over 11,000 words, and if a word that you use frequently isn't included, you can quickly add it to a custom User Dictionary or have SoothSayer automatically add it for you.

In addition to word prediction, it offers abbreviation expansion, and sentence completion (text up to 500 characters long)! If you have a sound card that can play "wav" files and are running Windows®95, ®98, ®2000, or ®NT then you can install Microsoft's Text to Speech which comes with SoothSayer.

There are several speech options available including automatically speak letters, automatically speak last typed word, automatically speak last typed sentence, speak word prediction word/sentence when it is pointed at with the mouse, speak word prediction word/sentence when it is selected, and speak quickly using the Quick Speech button

Telepathic 2000




Telepathic learns from your writing patterns automatically, and even predicts the most likely word to follow the one you just typed. Abbreviation expansion can speed up the typing of common phrases such as your address.
Best of all, it works with any application! The discrete window floats above any active window, always there when you need it.
Telepathic is suited for many applications - increasing typing speed, typing foreign languages, or improving spelling and grammar.


WordQ Writing Aid Software

WordQ Quillsoft



WordQ software is a special education writing tool used along with standard Windows word processing software to provide spelling, English grammar (and French grammar), and reading assistance. It uses advanced word prediction to suggest words for you to use and provides spoken (text-to-speech) feedback.

WordQ also acts a text reader to help you proofread your work or to read existing or scanned text. Users of all ages who have problems writing and editing can benefit, including those who have learning disabilities (LD) such as Dyslexia, or who are learning a second language (e.g., English as a Second Language; ESL).



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