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Adaptive Computing Tutorials and Documents

My Favorite Free Adaptive Software Programs

MRC: Adaptive Computing Presentations

Apple and Mac Information and Tutorials

Information About AT Equipment

Specific AT Device Information Modules

The Information Modules in this section are divided into two major categories. Computer and Non-Computer.


The major categories in the Computer Access Modules are

Software Alternatives including Software for the Blind, Software for Low Vision, Software for Learning Disabilities, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Software, Voice Recognition Software, Key Stroke Reduction Software, On Screen Keyboards, Text to Speech Software, and Miscellaneous Adaptive Software

Hardware Alternatives including Hardware for the Blind, Hardware for Low Vision, Alternative Mice and Trackballs, Alternative Keyboards, Alternative Pointing Devices, and Hardware Manufactuer Links

Other Computer Accessibility Information including Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Keyboarding Assists, Manufacturer's Accessibility Divisions, and Computer Accessibility Information Sites

The Non-Computer AT Modules include Augmentative Communication Systems, Automotive Mobility, Control Interfaces, Low-Tech ADLs, High-Tech EADLs, Wheelchairs, Seating and Mobility, Sensory Aids for Hearing and Sensory Aids for Vision.


Software Alternatives

Miscellaneous Adaptive Software



Hardware Alternatives

Alternative Input Devices:
Mouthsticks, Head Pointers


Other Computer
Accessibility Information



Windows Accessibility Features


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Keyboard and Mouse Assists


Links to Computer Accessibility Information Sites


Apple / MacIntosh Accessibility Features

Non- Computer Related Modules


Vehicle Modification


Low Tech


High Tech

Sensory Aids for Hearing Impairment

Sensory Aids for Visual Impairment

Seating and Mobility


Integrated Control Interfaces