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ActiveHome Pro


System includes ActiveHome Pro software, lamp module, motion sensor, remote. USB interface allow user to control up to 256 control modules for devices in the home via the computer.


Home Automated Living

HAL2000 delivers complete power line control using the X-10 power line protocol. There's no need to tear your house apart to rewire your home - use the wires that already exist in your home's walls. Using economically priced X-10 wall switches, lamp modules, or power outlets, you can control every light in your house with HAL2000. Schedule your lights to go on and off according to your lifestyle. HAL tracks sunrise and sunset where you live by matching the latitude and longitude with the position of the sun. Tell HAL to turn your front door lights on at dusk every night and off at 11:30pm. Use easy-to-set-up Macros to establish lighting scenes. For instance, when you tell HAL that it's "It's time for a movie," HAL might then dim the lights in the family room. HAL will operate appliances, too, like coffee makers and popcorn poppers. Tell HAL to brew the coffee every morning at 7am. Even more impressive is HAL's power to link numerous actions together. In addition to dimming the family room lights when you say, "It's time for a movie," you could also have HAL begin popping the popcorn.




  • Software allows easy home control and management of all INSTEON and X10 devices
  • Control lights and appliances directly from your PC through a USB powerline interface
  • Schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times or create lighting events
  • Computer must remain on for timers and triggered events
  • Software translates X10 to INSTEON and vice versa
  • Award winning - HouseLinc was recognized by Electronic House as Product of the Year for 2006
  • Kit includes software & INSTEON PowerLinc Controller, USB powerline interface
  • Indigo 2.0


    Indigo 2.0 is home automation software designed specifically for the Mac. With support for INSTEON-compatible products, the software can control all the devices -- including lights, sprinklers, security systems and more -- in your INSTEON network over the existing electrical wires in your home. With Indigo, you can program specific action events to occur based on a variety of variables, including time. For example, you can program any lights to turn on and off at specific times, or at sunset. You can also include an optional time randomizing feature for an at-home look, even if you're across the country. With this innovative Mac home automation software, you can even create delayed actions (i.e. turn off lights after 10 minutes of no motion being detected). Your Mac will become an intelligent home control server, offering unprecedented control of your home via manual computer or remote control operation, and timed or conditional variables. A powerline interface as well as INSTEON and products are sold separately.




    MotivAid is an environmental control system designed for use by individuals with mobility, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities,blindness or low vision, or spinal cord injury. This personal-computer-based system facilitates phone and email communication and control of the home. Using wireless voice recognition, a touchscreen, auditory scanning, or other controls, users can make and answer phone calls; send or receive email; manage an appointments calendar; access news, weather and other Internet services; and control many different types of home appliances. This systm can be customized to meet the needs of specific users, and is provided as a complete turnkey service, along with one year of support and training.



  • Simple on-screen navigation and setup
  • Easy, trouble-free USB connection
  • mControl software requires Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional
  • The INSTEON (patent pending) PowerLinc Controller coupled with mControl software allows total control of a home from your TV set. mControl is the first software to support INSTEON, the next generation of home automation. Control your lighting, sprinkler system, HVAC, and security cameras from the convenience of your couch. mControl has been designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005; however, mControl can also be run on Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pro and viewed from Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. INSTEON-enabled mControl software is also available to be purchased separately.

    Win Commander

    Zygo Industries

    #425602 $960

    Win Commander software accesses the GEWA Control PROG environmental control unit that is connected to the serial port of the computer. The PROG has 10 levels of 16 keys for sending over 160 individual infrared control signals, including those for the popular X-10 system.

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