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Electronic Aids to Daily Living
an AT Equipment Informative Module

This module provides information about EADLs. The devices in this module are typically considered to be high-tech EADLs.


Environmental Control Units that can control a wide variety of items in the room or home

Page Turners that are enable a user without hand control to read a book

Telephone Access Systems that allow users to use ECU interfacaces to interact with the phone via voice or switches

Telling Time Assists that help persons who struggle with time and time management


Environmental Control Units

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Toby Churchill Ltd.

The AdVOCAte+ is a versatile, lightweight recorded speech communication device, configurable to individual needs. The device also has environmental control output options. This allows the user to use the AdVOCAte+ to operate appliances such as a TV or DVD player.

Angel FX

Angel ECU

Angel FX is an E.A.D.L. / E.C.U. control system that enables users, to control Lighting, Heating & Air Conditioning, Communications, Audio / Video Equipment, Bed Control, Nurse Call Systems, and many other devices within their home, office, or other facility. Communications features empower individuals who are seeking to return to work.

The main unit is approximately 1 foot tall, and is designed to be placed on a desktop, or similar surface. Remote control of the system from a wheelchair, or other location is possible as an option. The unit offers both visual feedback, and high fidelity audible feedback to the user allowing easy system navigation. Menu's consist of icons and text, and are customized to the needs of the user when the system is first installed. Simple control scenarios as well as complex control scenarios can be accommodated. An arsenal of intelligently designed features truly enhances the lives and abilities of the user, providing maximum independence.

Angel FX is a switch activated system, and can operate in either of two modes, Scan Mode (which requires only a single switch input signal), or Direct Drive Mode (which requires two switch input signals). A wide variety of input switch devices can be connected to provide the interface to the user. A built-in Sip & Puff switch is also available as an option.


NanoPac Inc.


CINTEX4 is for use with voice recognition systems (such as DragonDictate, NaturallySpeaking) or any other keyboard replacement.
CINTEX4 has 2 components - Telephone and Infrared/Appliance. Each can be operated by voice or by any keyboard or mouse alternative.  Bed controls and A/C controls are optional.

ComLink ST

Forbes Rehab Services

FRS ComLink ST is a computer-based direct selection communicator and environmental control unit (ECU) designed for use by individuals with communication, speech, mobility, or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. The system consists of a computer with a 30- gigabyte hard drive and Windows XP Pro operating system, with over 10,000 communication symbols, a large selection of pre-built display sets, and a built-in ECU. Messages are spoken using Acapela synthesized voices.

Other features include field replaceable switch ports, a built-in wireless switch receiver, an FRS FlexABLE formable handle and stand, and a durable protective jacket. POWER: Uses a swapable battery module. WEIGHT: 4 pounds.

Control Prog

Zygo Industries

#425602 $960

The GEWA Control Prog is a programmable IR-transmitter with pushbutton function and also scanning with 1-5 function control switch(es). The transmitter can learn channels from other remote controls such as those for TV, video and DVD players that have built-in receivers.  Control Prog offers independence and makes everyday life simpler. You can control everything in your home, like an IR telephone, lights, home entertainment systems, doors, windows, and elevators. There are twelve different scanning alternatives. It is possible to connect one or two single-function switches and scan through the pages of choices.The Control Prog uses slip-in overlays to represent functions or levels, making it easy for the user to remember which buttons produce which signals. Using the PC-program Control Tool makes back-up possible.  For connection to computers, use 425618 Data Cable for programming, control, and back-up.


Tash Incorporated

Total Package $240
ElectraLink $190
Transmitter Switch $60

#34415 Total Wireless Package
#34410 Electralink

The most economical alternative for cause and effect training, both for single switches and wireless!

Single switch control of electrical appliances.

  • 100 - 1500 W, 15A
  • Latched mode
  • Timed mode - seconds or minutes
  • Direct mode

Built in Ultrasound Receiver offers remote access with Yellow Ultra One Transmitter

ERICA with LifeMate Software

Eye Response Technologies


ERICA, the Eye gaze Response Interface Computer Aid, offers hands-free communication and computer access that allows her users to gain complete control of any Windows computer for personal or professional use using only their eyes.

The Environmental Control feature of the LifeMate software enables users to control light switches, televisions, DVD players, stereos and more- all in just an eye movement.


First Aide Kit

Zygo Industries


First Aide Kit
Experience has shown that these products, a universal infra-red transmitter, a remote-controlled speaker-telephone, and and AC wall outlet, solve a number of serious problems. This is especially true for newly injured people for whom communication with relatives and the 'outside world' may be of decisive importance.The "First Aide Kit" is an important part of the GEWA "Smart House" concept and provides a flexible solution for control of telephone, TV, radio, VCR, lamps, alarms, and electric-bed function. The transmitter and control switches can be individually adapted to the user's need.I-V standThe transmitter and sip-or-puff switch are attached to an I-V stand and easily can be moved aside or from room to room; perfect for hospital and rehabilitation facility environments. The system does NOT require a permanent installation.The standard components that make up the "First Aide Kit" are readily available and can be used at home later on.

Imperium 200H

Assistive Technologies


The Imperium® 200H environmental control unit gives control of the environment. Turning on lights and appliances, changing television stations, adjusting volume levels, using a telephone, recording messages, calling a nurse, or controlling an electronic bed are as easy as activating a standard dual switch. The Imperium 200H features a duel switch input, a fully integrated telephone, advanced X-10 and Infrared features, hospital bed control and an internal battery backup system designed to run without power for up to 6 hours. Combined with an easily learned menu system and both visual and audio prompting the Imperium 200H is a premier switch-activated Environmental Control Unit. With the new Imperium 200ML MobileLink system, you get complete portability and high- powered access to phone and X-10 features from up to 250 feet away from the base unit.

Imperium MobileLink

Assistive Technologies


Imperium MobileLink, model 200ML, is a radio transmission environmental control unit designed for use by individuals with mobility or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. The system communicates through a 2.4 gigahertz radio link, which transmits around corners, through walls, and across significant distances. The system consists of two components, a base unit and a remote unit. The base unit sits atop and plugs into a host environmental control unit, such as the Imperium 200H from InterAct Plus (not included) or environmental control units from other companies. The small remote unit attaches to a wheelchair. Control signals for this system are provided by any dual switch. Audio input/output for the included telephone, the spoken menu, menu beeps, or for a tape recorder or PC is provided via either a lapel microphone with small on-board speaker or stereo headphones, or a headphone/boom microphone combination. POWER: Uses the wheelchair's battery.





The SRS Intellec is a powerfull smart home control system, Moffering full control of a wide range of household appliances from mobile phones & computers, to lights, TVs, doors & curtains. Based on the popular SRS100, the SRS Intellec achieves new levels of flexibility, additionally offering improved LCD technology, voice output & enhanced styling over the SRS100. The SRS Intellec can be entirely customized to meet your personal requirements.

  • Programmable for over 2,500 functions plus up to 160 phone numbers (for mobile and/or land-line use).
  • Tactile, rubber keys for navigation & selection with optional key guard.
  • Single, 2 switch & joystick input options.
  • Seperate alarm switch port for emergency calls.
  • Infra-Red control of devices such as TVs, VCRs & DVD Players.
  • Integration with power wheelchair, mobile telephony, communication aids & home alarm systems.
  • Bi-directional radio control 433Mhz EU (914Mhz US) with a range of upto 100m (compatible with all SRS radio devices) >
  • Failed command feedback for radio functions >
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery (allows 1-2 weeks use between charges)
  • Latest LCD technology for improved viewing of screen under a wide range of lighting conditions. >
  • Light sensor continually monitors light levels & adjusts screen contrast & brightness accordingly
  • Portable & compatible with a range of SRS mounting equipment.


SAJE Technology



JAMES is a portable, switch activated environmental control device, offering direct access or switch scanning.  JAMES can operate lights, appliances, beds, doors and other X-10 and infrared controlled devices. 

JAMES weighs 16 oz and measures 7.5" x 3.5" x 1.25".  The LCD display allows for visual recognition of the 248 functions including programmable macros and telephone access.  The casing is composed of a durable, water resistant, shatterproof plastic. 


Tash Incorporated


#86505 KEO
A trainable IR ECU that can be used to control any number of devices in your environment with a simple and easy-to-use touch pad display. Operating features include; Touch Pad, Single Switch, Wireless, Wheelchair ECU Port control, and Wheelchair Joystick control (on select Penny and Giles controllers).

  • Seamless operation of the Tash Telephone and the Tash IR Bed Controller
  • USB compatible Computer Mouse Emulation
  • Toggle & Macro Learning for Infrared Devices
  • X-10 Control for Lights and Appliances through the IR Command Cente


Assistive Technology, Inc.


L*E*O™ Language and ECU in one.
L*E*O™ is a high-quality communication device that uses a language-enhancing overlay system. Activate pre-recorded, digitized speech messages simply by touching pictures or symbols in a grid or scene. You can also use L*E*O's infrared commands to control lights, small appliances, adapted toys, television, VCR, or DVD.

Mini Relax

Tash Incorporated

#82059 Mini Relax;scannable with one switch $275

#82060 with Jacks; does not scan and has 6 switch connections


The Mini Relax is a scanning infrared transmitter that controls the TV, VCR, or any other device that operates using infrared. It will store up to six functions.

Complete with large and colorful graphics, it provides visual and auditory feedback and features two scan modes. 

The Mini Relax mounts easily and includes batteries.

  • 6 trainable functions
  • Auditory & visual scanning
  • Auto scan or hold scan
  • Batteries included
  • Mounts easily

Powerhouse Home

SAJE Technology



The Powerhouse Home is an environmental control system designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or upper extremity disabilities. This system enables the user to control an unlimited number of lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, infrared devices (home entertainment components), electric beds, home security systems, X10 devices, and countless other devices by voice command. One device or groups of devices can be controlled with a single command.


Zygo Industries


GEWA Progress is an advanced remote control system with a dynamic display screen, adapted for people with disabilities. Selections can be made by directly touching the display screen or by using switches for scanning through selections.

It is based on a pocket-PC with the most modern technology available. Progress can "learn" IR codes from other remote control units such as those for a TV, video or stereo system. The screen is dynamic, and the information displayed can be arranged according to the needs and wishes of the user.

Advantages of the GEWA Progress
* learn IR codes from most IR remote control units on the market
* store up to 256 IR channels in its memory
* create IR macros
* create different pages with different numbers of functions
* copy, move and exchange the location of functions
* receive auditory feedback and use auditory scanning with recorded speech
* connect one or two control switches for scanning
* select between several different scanning methods
* select a delay before activation
* select between several hundred pictures that are included
* select between over 30 completed, pre-built pages
* make back-up copies
* easily select different languages for menus and help texts
* connect external alarm systems
* allow the user to select nearly all settings himself or herself


Quartet Technology, Inc.


The Quartet ECU is available in a switch operated version, a voice activated model and a unit which includes both access methods. These products allows users to control their environment with menu choices that are verbally announced. The Quartet can control a variety of household devices and with a special module can control a computer.



REACH (Remote Electronic Access & Control Hands-free), will allow the user to perform tasks with simple voice commands, with the touch of a button, with head movements, or with the movements of just about any body part. The controller can be mounted on a wheel chair, the bed, or used as a handheld. REACH is easy to use and versatile enough for use at home or in a residential care facility.

With REACH you can independently control all of the below products independently without the help of a nurse or caretaker. This can all be done by touching a screen, or completely hands-free by moving a body part, or simply speaking a command.

Relax II

Tash Incorporated


Controls up to 4 infrared devices and 10 electrical appliances with a single switch. (#84168, X-10 Transceiver required to operate electrical appliances)
  • Scanning modes: auto, hold and step (factory set for auto, call for information to change, prior to ordering if required).
  • Auditory and visual feedback!
  • Sleek, discreet and easy to mount
  • Train with your regular remote control

Relax II System Package

Tash Incorporated


Includes Relax II, a single switch, Transceiver and 2 X-10 modules.

Choose two of the following X-10 Modules

#84160 Lamp
#84162 Appliance
#84163 3-Prong
#84167 Chime
#84168 X-10 Transceiver
#84166 Universal

#84164 Wall Switch

SiCare Standard

Tash Incorporated

SiCare Standard with Phoice

The Sicare Standard utilizes natural speech recognition to convert spoken commands into signals that control numerous devices within any environment including the television, telephone, lights, door systems, and so much more. The New Sicare Standard features a revised North American word list and enables the use of up to 92 different words for custom menu creation.

  • Lightweight, portable and easily programmable
  • Controls the Tash Telephone and the new Tash IR Bed Controller.
  • Custom made command menus for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Direct to unit infrared scanning for easy setup
  • New voice sensitivity adjustments for increased accuracy
  • New microphone settings for background noise adjustment
  • Voice recognition only from Tash

Tech/Speak with Environmental Controls



The Tech/Speak with Environmental Controls is an augmentative and alternative communication device with the added functionality of environmental controls, providing an added level of empowerment to the user.

Possessing all the functions, features and benefits of the standard Tech/Speak, the Tech/Speak with Environmental Controls can control up to 32 electrical devices and/or light fixtures.

With a total of 6 levels, each of the 6 level has 8 locations designed for Environmental Controls. The first row on each level is allocated for Environmental Control functions.

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Page Turners

Software, Vendor, Price, Link




AbleNet, Inc.


Product Size 23.62" wide x 18.90" high x 11.02" deep
Product Weight 18.74 lbs
Page Sizes Accepted 4.13" x 5.83" up to 8.67" x 11.69"
Maximum Spine Width up to 1.18"
Mounting & Viewing Angle Built-in adjustable stand for table rest.
Also supports recumbent position.
Page Turn Accuracy 96%
External Switch Jacks Single-switch Automatic Scanning, or Two-switch Direct Selection
Page Turning Speed 8 seconds
Variable Response Rate
(Dwell Time) 1.2 - 2.5 seconds**
Variable Scanning Rates 0.6 - 3.0 seconds**
Page Turning Interruption Yes - pause and resume at any time
Auditory Feedback Available for all controls
Set Up Time 2 minutes for experienced users*
Power 12V DC at 2 amps; operates from approved wall outlet transformer (included)
Warranty 1 year limited
Includes Page Turner, hardcover inserts, wall adapter, Jelly Bean® switch

GEWA Page Turner

Zygo Industries

BLV-6 $4600
LB-2 Overbed Table $1200

GEWA Page Turner BLV-6
With the BLV-6, the user is in total step-by-step control of the turning process. Errors in turning, sticking pages, crumpled or mis-angled pages—all can be manipulated successfully by the user with the truly unique characteristics of the Page Turner.

Whether you're sitting up or lying down, pages can be turned forward and backward, one at a time or continuously (scanning a chapter or directory, for instance). The only assistance required is to insert the document to be read, position the operating control for the user, and occasionally clean the turning mechanism.

Used for social, business, and educational reading, the unit works with books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, incoming mail, etc. It can be operated with a variety of multiple-switch assemblies or optionally with a visual scanner and any single switch. And, it can be run by most environmental control units.


Page Flip

PageFlip, Inc.


This automatic page turner is signifcantly less expensive than other models. However, a care-giver must be available to install successive batches of 10 sheets after each 20-page reading session. This process guarantees 100% reliability in turning one page at a time.

Touch Turner

Touch Turner

CR $1133
C $924

Touch Turner
Two models: Model C allows for pages to be turned forward only, Model CR allows pages to also be turned in reverse. Both models are available with an interface which allows various types of switches to be used on the same unit. Switches by other manufacturers that use mini-phone jack (9.64 x 9.16) may be compatible with this interface. Also available is a 110-volt AC wall adapter which is also installed at the factory.

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Telephone Access Systems

Software, Vendor, Price, Link



GewaTel 200

Zygo Industries


GewaTel 200
*GewaTel 200 is an infrared controlled speaker telephone/dialer with built-in IR control (GewaLink channels) and display. By using infrared transmitters, users of the GewaTel 200 can place and receive telephone calls. All telephone functions are accessible remotely, including volume control.
*50 abbreviated numbers can be stored in the GewaTel 200 and users can build up telephone numbers in advance without hurrying.
*The GewaTel 200 is easy to program for different user needs and has a superb sound quality with full duplex functionality thanks to the unique OmnisoundTM technology, which adjusts to ambient acoustics. The sound is crystal clear and it sounds as if the person you are talking to is in the same room. An auto reply capability makes it easy for persons with disabilities to answer without any action on their part.
*An extra microphone can be used with the GewaTel 200 for users with weak voices. An earphone can also be used for people wanting a more private conversation. ZYGO has a wide range of Gewa programmable IR transmitters featuring keys with different sensitivities. ZYGO also offers GEWA transmitters with scanning functions which can be operated by appropriate switches.
*The GewaTel 200 can also be mounted on a wall.
*Power supply and cabling with jack plug are included.

Relax 3 with the Tash Telephone

Tash Incorporated

#83000 $1,350

Introducing The Tash Telephone with the benefits of infrared capabilities to switch controls. Combined with the Relax 3, The Tash Telephone offers easy access telephone use.

  • Scan through 10 preset telephone functions, answer, hang-up, directory, down, up, dial, 5 speed dials
  • Head set compatible

Features of the Relax 3

  • Programs with your regular remote control
  • Easy to follow, adjustable scan speed
  • Scanning modes: auto, (hold and step available, call for information to change prior to ordering if required)
  • Sleek, discreet and easy to mount
  • 10 X-10 function
  • 30 infrared functions (TV, VCR, DVD, CD, Satellite, Cassette Player or Stereo)
  • Single switch and Dual switch access
  • Auditory and Visual feedback

Relax 3 System Package

Tash Incorporated



Package Includes Relax 3, Tash Telephone, X-10 Transceiver, two X-10 Modules and one single switch.

  • Please specify which two X-10 modules.
  • Please specify which single switch.

Choose two of the following X-10 Modules

#84160 Lamp
#84162 Appliance
#84163 3-Prong
#84167 Chime
#84168 X-10 Transceiver
#84166 Universal
#84164 Wall Switch

Tash Telephone

Tash Incorporated


Advanced LCD, wireless telephone. Activate by the Relax 3, Sicare Standard and some AAC devices by infrared.

  • Handsfree telephone has a 64 number directory
  • Tailored options
  • Rechargeable battery back-up


Zygo Industries


Connect it between the phone and the line, plug in the AC adapter, and it's ready to use. Lift the handset, or unhook the speakerphone, and follow the verbalized instructions to store numbers. You are asked to say the name you'd like to store—twice, and then asked to enter the phone number with the phone's keypad. Instructions are clear and concise, in a synthesized voice. The Vocally can store up to 60 names and numbers, each number up to 19 digits.

When all the names and numbers are stored, simply unhook the phone, say the name to be dialed.

Although it may be easiest to use Vocally with one's voice, the voice recognition system will work even from a communication aid. Remember that the aid will say the name to dial the same way every time!

Think about using a one-button Infra-Link transmitter, manually or with a switch to remotely lift the hook and dial a Jupiter phone with Vocally attached.

Vocally main features
* Stores and dials up to 60 phone entries
* Each stored number can be up to 19 digits long
* Very simple and easy to use
* Works with any phone
* Recognizes any language, tone and accent
* Interactive voice menu
* State-of-the-art voice regognition technology
* Stored names playback
* Small size and elegant

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Telling Time Assists

Software, Vendor, Price, Link



Quarter Hour Watch

Zygo Industries


The Quarter Hour Watch lowers the level of abstraction to allow the use of "time" without needing to read a clock's time.

The basic principles are:
* events are presented by pictures — easy to understand and easy to program to specific times.
* these pictures are placed into the Quarter Hour Watch and the time remaining to the event is shown as lighted points. Each point represents one quarter of an hour. If there are 2 hours or more remaining to the event all the points are dark. After each quarter hour, a point turns light until they are all light and a signal is sounded and the points flash.

Quarter Hour ChipsThe pictures are placed on impact resistant plastic chips (about the size of 35 mm slides) that have programmable inserts on the back. The insert have a clock pattern and are simple to set for any absolute time.

With the Quarter Hour Watch, developmentally delayed individuals may gradually, and at their own speed, learn how to manage time related events. The most elementary use — how to use the device to be on time — might slowly but surely develop into use for planning in the time dimension.

Quarter Hour in different colorsThe Quarter Hour Watch is small, robust and operates on 3 AAA alkaline batteries. It comes with 10 plastic chips, a mounting rack and carry bag.

Use any labels or symbol system for pictures: PCS, Imaginart, WorldWise, Pictogram, or photographs, cut outs from magazines, etc..

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